Where Do I Go From Here


I’m back.

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Friday Favorites – Mobile Games! – June 22, 2018

Seemed appropriate for today’s favorite pic to be from one of the last times it was nice to be outside.  It has been an odd summer so far.  90 degree days.  A boatload of rain.  Chilly.  Then heat indices in the 100s.  Back to a boatload of rain and chilly.

This is probably why I’ve spent so much time inside lately and have been glued to my phone.  I’ve also stumbled across a few games that I am HOOKED on.

Still, though.  I’m getting sick of being inside.

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Tarot Tuesday – Mini Break

So.  Normally I try to do these posts over the weekend because there’s A LOT of photography, editing, researching, organizing, and writing.

This did not happen for a few reasons:

1) I’m on steroids and my brain is all over the place

2) it was so damn hot I felt like I was going to combust if I came within a few feet of a window

3) it was Father’s Day weekend so I was a tad bummy and withdrawn.

Instead…I’ve decided to show two of my favorite decks that I have not featured in the usual Tarot Tuesday posts.

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Birchbox – June 2018

I so love when these boxes arrive a few days before the weekend.  Really gives me ample time to test the products out.

I also love when they’re products that I can test out immediately AND have results right away.   Especially when I’m able to wear them all together for a few days in a row.  Helps build a cohesive idea of how they work and wear.

And, thanks to YouTube, my makeup skills are improving.  Albeit little by little…but improving nonetheless!

Now.  Let’s take a look at a box that, FINALLY, was full of hits!

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Friday Favorites – YouTube! – June 15, 2018

Since it is summer, nearly, this favorite pic is sort of a throwback to a trip two years ago to South Carolina (a trip I’ve mentioned a few times now). We were at the beach all day and when we were getting ready to go, the sun was starting to set. The lighting was just absolutely stunning. The picture didn’t really do it justice. But, wow, it was beautiful in person. It sounds cheesy, but it honestly looked like I was standing in a watercolor painting.

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